Big Haulin’ Baby When I’m Courting You

I mean, of course I quoted Beyonce's Upgrade U in my title. How could I not? Okay so last week, I had a little shopping spree. I moseyed around Brandy Melville, Jo Loves and Waterstones. My shopping hauls obviously include books. The first thing I got was the Mango Thai Lime Body Lotion from Jo Loves. As mentioned in [...]


Yesterday, I went to London. Because, why n0t? I charged up my camera, put my comfy shoes on and got ready for some Southern shopping. As much as I love Manchester and the North, London's shopping is a new level. Not quite New York, but I don't think anyone can compete with that. The weather [...]


It's March so it's practically summer. Let's ignore the fact I think it was -2 this morning and it was snowing last Friday. Let's pretend that didn't happen and we are preparing for a heatwave. I'm online window shopping and I've got a Topshop Wishlist. It is slightly painful that I don't own these items [...]