Travel Diaries: Lisbon

📍Lisbon, Portugal

Way back when, in July, I went to Lisbon. Back when we thought football was coming home, England was in the midst of a tropical heatwave, and everyone was happy. A better time.

We travelled early-ish on a Sunday morning and arrived at our AirBnb at around 2pm. Of course, we had a faff with our host because the people who stayed before us left their bags and had left the country with a key to the apartment. Because nothing is ever easy for us, ya know? Anywho, we had quite a lazy holiday – drank a lot, ate a lot, watched England win two matches.

Anywho, here are a few food places we still dream about today accompanied with Instastory snaps:

1.Vegana Burgers

Praça Duque de Saldanha 1

1050-094 Lisbon

Located in a secret courtyard, this tiny little burger restaurant is the answer to all our vegan prayers. I’m a creature of habit and had the same burger twice. It was mushroom and black bean burger which is topped with a generous dollop of vegan mayo. It came with home cooked chips which are, in fact, just crisps. They’re nice though. Also, very cheap wine. Good wine. Wine that gets you drunk. Wine wine wine.

2.Aloha Cafe

Rua do Monte Olivete 20

1200 Lisbon

From where we were staying, it was a long walk up the hilliest of hills to get here, but it was worth it. The menu is all vegan and there was too much to choose from. I went for the chocolate pancakes that came with fresh fruit. I also picked up a vegan caramel waffle, from the till, that was supposed to be a snack for later in the day but was devoured within seconds of leaving.

3.Primo Basilico

Rua dos Remédios 37

1100 Lisbon

Wow okay, so I think we visited this pizza place three times in the one week we were in Lisbon. Even though they don’t have vegan cheese, it was my favourite place to eat. The pizza was so delicious, it didn’t need cheese. They had a wide selection of vegan options including focaccia which I would walk back to Lisbon for.

Fun story: the pizza is ordered in slices. So naturally, after a long day of doing nothing, I ask for two whole slabs of pizza thinking that was the norm. The staff laugh and ask how a two small girls like myself and my best friend could eat, what was equivalent to, eight slices each. And I’m sorry but that was a challenge. Not a crumb left, mate. One of our finer moments.


Rua de São Julião 70

1100-526 Lisbon

For a healthier day, this incredible aesthetically pleasing cafe had the best wrap I’ve ever had. They have a ‘make your own’ system where you choose all of your toppings and sauces. I’m talking garlic hummus, smoked tofu, all the salad you can imagine, sides of sweet potato fries – the whole show.


Rua Bernardino Costa 23

1200 Lisbon

How could I go to Portugal and not try the famous pasteis de nata? Luckily, we found a bakery/cafe which has a huge vegan and gluten free selection of pastries. And the little custard dessert did not disappoint. I’ve never had a regular one made with dairy, so I can’t comment on whether they taste the same. But I can tell you it was divine. They also had vegan doughnuts, croissants, ice cream, and loads more.

All in all, a very successful food trip. Of course, the culture was interesting, the scenery was beautiful, the locals were friendly. But the food was probably my favourite part. 10/10 would recommend.

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