Acne Chronicles: I finally have ~somewhat~ clear skin!

Just when you thought I’d stopped babbling about my skin, I’m back with a post all about it.

If you’ve read my past pieces about my skin journey, you’ll know I’ve had my struggles and I’ve tried and tested quite a few different products. I’ve used creams that have cost everything from £4 – £240 and, quite frankly, I didn’t want to be trial and error-ing any longer. Without completely boring you with my pathetic drama of not wanting acne at the age of 24, here’s what I did and currently doing to clear my skin:



1. I went to the doctors. Now, I was very wary about this. I’ve seen my GP before about acne and they put me on a tablet that made me sick and gave me a topical cream that burned my face. I told them this. I said, in my my most professional tone, ‘these absolutely did not work for me last time – in fact, they made me worse – so I’d like to try something different.’ They prescribed me with Erythromycin which is an antibiotic which I take twice a day. I also have a different topical cream called Acnecide. This cream still stings sometimes, but mainly if I accidentally get it too close to my eyes (note: avoid the eye area, Beth, you silly cow). It initially dried my skin out and it was looking very worse for wears but I can see such a huge difference. Both of these have taken the anger out of my acne and have enormously reduced the amount of spots I get – even during hormonal weeks. At the moment, I have zero spots on my face and I can’t actually remember the last time I said that. Huzzah and hurray to the Docs! I love you, NHS xxx

2. For washing my face, I’ve been using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish in Sweet Orange & Mint (This product is a Limited Edition – original linked here). After years of piling loads of different lotions and potions onto my skin, thinking it would improve it, I’ve decided to keep it simple. I find this is really gentle on my skin but still completely removes all of my makeup. I do, however, do a double wash in the evening if I’m removing makeup and use the Mac black exfoliating wash every other day. My skin feels squeaky clean and is not left red or angry.

3. Like I said, I don’t want too much going on my skin as it’s very easily agitated and very sensitive (much like my personality), so I use the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising lotion which is gentle on my skin. I have combination skin and this deals with it so well. Around my eyes and jawline tend to be quite dry but then I have an oily T-Zone and this balances it out.

[shirt: Hollister | jeans: ASOS | mug: Oliver Bonas]

4. Water water water. I read somewhere that drinking too much water in one go can 1. drown you, and 2. be bad for your kidneys because they become overworked. This baffled and worried me as I always thought the more water you drink, the better – so I would down litres of water at my desk as if I’m at a pub crawl and I’ve just lost a bet. I mean, this is very uncommon but the more you know, hey. With this new knowledge, I still drink plenty of water – just not so fast because I’m already a hypochondriac. I don’t need the anxiety that water could kill me looming over me. Ya know?  Your skin is the largest organ and it’s the one that gets the least amount of care. Keep it hydrated. Also, Mama Gaskell recommend hot water with lemon for when we’re feeling fancy. Delicious and my skin is glowing, honey.

As a side note, here’s something heartbreaking which my doctor informed be about: electronic facial brushes aren’t good that for you. They carry tonnes of bacteria which you are literally just spreading around your face. I thought I was being a model patient when I said I had one of those fancy brushes to clean my face, and instead of receiving the praise I was waiting for, I was shot down very quickly.

If anyone has any weird and wonderful remedies that have helped their acne, please let me know. Although my skin is on the road to recovery and is the best it’s ever been, there’s always room for improvement!

*Please note: these have all been solutions for me however everyone is different. Some people don’t react well to medication, some people are allergic to certain topical treatments. No skin is the same. Do what’s best for you!


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