GALENTINE’S DAY: Female Friendships

Galentine’s Daythe unofficial holiday, the day before Valentine’s Day, which is for ‘ladies celebrating ladies’ 

In my 24 years of life, I am lucky enough to say I have the same closest gal friends from when I was a tiny little 4-year-old. I’ve also managed to secure myself some incredible friendships along the journey too. For me, each friend brings something different and necessary to my life. I have friends I know I can be silly with, friends I can be serious with, friends I can cry to – all of them I can rely on.

I’ve made it no secret on here that I have some struggles sometimes. But who doesn’t? Female friendships are so important to me because I wouldn’t be able to cope without them. Whether it’s something serious or a small stupid problem – in that moment, all problems are the most important in the world.

This post is to celebrate our female friendships.

Female friendships that have helped us through dark periods.

Female friendships that put us to bed when we’re so drunk that we don’t know who we are.

Female friendships that have seen all of our awkward prepubescent stages.

Female friendships that didn’t work out but taught us how to be better friends.

Female friendships that made us feel powerful and unstoppable.

Female friendships that taught us to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

This post is to celebrate every woman who has come into your life and made their mark.

Some of my close and wonderful lady saviours have shared what female friendships mean to them. Spoiler: they’re all fantastic. 

Sasha Rose: 

Why female friendships are important to me-

The majority of my female friendships were formed early in my childhood and have stood the test of time to be as important to me now as they were back then. I feel that the relationship is constantly evolving as we share each other’s highs and lows, and gently guide and support one another’s passions even if this is very different to our own path in life. Female friendships are on par with family relationships for me as even though we grow and change our roots will always keep us connected, and this is very important in the ever changing world in which we live in ❤


Female friend,

You’re probably more like a male than most males I know, and I say that with pride (and also gritted teeth as I’ve seen you inhale your food in your finest drunkest hour and we’ve all got quite strong feminist routes now so don’t get on my case just yet)’  You walk with a level of sass that only us other female friends can understand. Why? Because you ARE good enough, strong, emotional, sarcastic, moody, ambitious, beautiful and a crap domestic goddess but that’s okay because were in our twenties and that really isn’t our main priority, we have a few more years to pretend to master that.  Were pulled together by the same thing that can pull us apart, but its okay because we haven’t managed to get rid of each other yet. You have desires and strives that are refreshed daily and it makes you flourish when maybe you dont always realise it.

But us female friends do because weve seen you at weak points, sat on fields putting the world to right, pretended that those cheap £10 red wedges were a fashion must, we’ve practised our crappiest arguments on each other ready for our LUCKY future husbands to endure, pretended to be ab fab in fake fur when smoking our first cigarettes whilst crawling through snow, our debts to each other over the shot rounds are probably bigger than our students debts but we wont go into that. We’ve sang mr brightside together and danced like idiots to try and make me smile again before slut dropping until we grew a bum to rihanna on tables.

More recently, you have to much photographic evidence that we can handle our (my)  alcohol less than we did when we were 17, you’ve supported me in the biggest decisions that ive ever had to face but with such chill and were the only ones to tell me I was being ridiculous and buck up when I was being a drama queen on a weekly basis ; I’m forever thankful now.

To you my feminine friends, I’m enterally grateful because your beautiful inside and out and I don’t think you really realise it enough. I’m so proud to call you my loyal handful of feminine friends because that’s what counts.  I’m excited that one day, it’ll be our future “mini me’s” writing blogs (if that’s even a thing in the future) about how annoying us mums are, asking us “what’s sass?” “who’s alex turner?” “you did what on holiday together?”

So to my feminine friends, you’ve taught me so much, you’ve taught me how to see the best in people (and the worst in their instagrams) , reminded me constantly I cant sing or apply fake tan, picked me up without even realising it and taught me I deserve no less than best.

You females make me feel at home when the world has tested me in every way possible and for that I hope at some point I can return that favour.

Know that I’m always here, regardless of how many times I tell you to piss off if you ask for a hug. Aren’t you lucky to not be getting rid of me for this life time?

P.S don’t all waste your tears crying at this, save some for my wedding day as snotty nose bridesmaids xox


When you meet someone new, your friendship is a blank canvas.

Over time, with the memories made, the laughter shared, the gossips whispered, the tears caught, the canvas starts to become more decorative. The colours spiral across the base in an array of brights and shapes, leaving trails intertwined. To anybody else looking on, it’s sometimes hard to ‘get.’ Hidden within those messy lines, those splodges, those endless spirals of kaleidoscope features, are what makes your friendship YOURS: the in-jokes that are probably seriously unfunny to everybody else in the world, the secrets that you loyally carry every day, the endless support…

There is nothing more powerful in the world than women combined. Women brought together, reunited, backing one another – we’re a force to be reckoned with!

An unspoken bond lies between women that only grows with the blossoming and the illuminating of friendship.

Alongside our friends, there’s nothing us girls can’t conquer. From break ups and bad days at work, to hair advice and a good old vent – having our own personal team of cheerleaders backing our every move makes life that little bit more bearable, even on the days that feel the worst.

Friends come in hundreds of forms, and possess a whole array of different characteristics and strengths. Those girls who just roll outta bed, pull on any old outfit and still manage to look effortlessly chic and flawless? The best for fashion inspiration and tips, and the first to take you up on a much-needed shopping trip come payday.

Those girls who are brutally honest and matter of fact? The best for tough love and a kick up the backside when you find yourself moping over that guy who doesn’t deserve your time.

Those girls who are worldly wise and have a ‘been there, done that’ kinda attitude? The best for all kinds of life’s dramas when you just need some advice.

Those girls who party every week like they’re still 18? Well, it’s obvious – the best for a wild night out in town, with a totally judge-free slutdrop to old Destiny’s Child tunes.

Our female friends are the backbone of our lives.

Laura (Mag):

Female friendships. For me, they are one of the most important relationships a girl can have. There is no feeling like walking into a room, a club, a bar or anywhere with your girl friends. You feel empowered and strong, like nothing can get to you.

As a girl having strong, inspiring and understanding females around you to lift you up is so important. This is the case no matter what your age, but female friendship has become a very prominent part of my life now I am in my twenties. Knowing you have even just one female friend who you can trust is so so essential.

When you find a female friend who you can laugh, cry, sit in silence with, chat absolute boring rubbish with, tell your fears and problems to, that’s when you know you’ve got a keeper.

To my female friends I would like to say this – thank you. Thank you for lifting me up, thank you for making me laugh and looking after my emotional health. Thank you for being my support network and for being my adventure buddies. Thank you for standing by me when I am not being the best friend I can be. Thank you for helping me see my worth and supporting me no matter what.

I hope I too, do all the above for you. I hope you know you can turn to me, lean on me and rely on me. I will support you and lift you up.


So I went through this ‘I hate girls’ phase in high school. I distanced myself from female friendships and kinda prided myself on getting along better with ‘the lads’.

I think I thought this made me cool. I dunno.

It didn’t.

It just made me lonely and confused.

Looking back, it wasn’t that I didn’t get on with girls. I thought that young females should be in competition with one another (mainly for the attention of boys), and that I should be jealous of certain girls’ body, face, hair, boobs, everything, anything.


OK. Don’t get me wrong, high school was an absolute party, but you also go through some of the most challenging times of your life while filled with a crazy mix of hormones (and THE WORST mood swings) – things that you don’t quite understand, and frankly, you’re just too embarrassed to talk about in case people think you’re weird and unattractive. Yeh. That bit kinda sucked. You spend a lot of time inside your own head during those years, and you can’t tell ‘the lads’ coz they just aren’t going through the same shit.

I feel so lucky to have my girls now. And to make up for the years of GIRLH8, I make sure they know I cherish them.

One of my favourite girly nights out was with my bestest and oldest friend (OF… ALL… TIME). It resulted in us sat in a bar in the NQ ranting openly about all the bullshit we have put up with over the years… yano, because we’re female. It was empowering because we realised that we shouldn’t have put up with that shit, and we decided we wouldn’t put up with it anymore. God we were pissed (double entendre intended). The sad thing is, we could’ve kept talking all night. Every story I told reminded her of one of her own and so on and so on. These chats are sooooo important. Sounds cheesy, but they inspire a change in yourself.


That stuff you just can’t talk to guys about…sorry but they just don’t get it (not sorry) – they haven’t lived it. And that’s why it’s so so necessary that we gals stick together, talk openly, listen and support the crap out of each other every damn day.

OK so, in reflection, I’ve made womanhood sound a bit crappy. Sometimes it is. But, most of the time it’s actually pretty mint… once you get the hang of it. And female friendships make it all the more fun. Is there really any better feeling than after you’ve poured your heart out to your bestie? Or when Single Ladies comes on in da club and you all pretend you know the full dance routine? (hopefully this isn’t just us), or when you’re singing to Jordan Sparks – Battlefield at the top of your lungs to each other in the car, even though love doesn’t feel like a battlefield rn? How great is being able to spoon and it not be that weird? Telling secrets. Reminiscing. Laugh-crying. Retweeting each other’s posts. Dying each other’s hair and hoping it doesn’t go to shit. Supportive selfie-likes. Wine. Gin. Pornstar Martinis.

TBH, I think I need a girl’s night.  


What does friendship mean to me, I hear you ask? Well so far in my 24 years it has been a source of sisterhood, support and silliness. In each of these ways my friends have made me feel KNOWN.

My friends know me better than anyone else, including myself. And without their wisdom and constant support I know I wouldn’t be on my way to living my best life as I am now.

I honestly think the secret to meaningful platonic relationships is quality over quantity, and I like to think I had this figured out from a very young age.

The friends I have in my life inspire me in so many ways- constantly showing what you can overcome with a little self belief; doing the right thing rather than taking the easy option; working tirelessly for others without wanting recognition; going out of their comfort zone to grow.

It’s safe to say they’re bad ass in their own ways and I feel lucky to be surrounded by my gang of A+ people, which, lets face it, is better than a crowd of C- people.

They say you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends, and I can honestly say I’ve made a few good choices over the years. *Pats self on back*.

As a bonus here are some of my favourite inside jokes:

• Spice Gwls

• Belgian Shortbreads

• So Wilmslow

• Hullo Daddy

• That was a whole corn dog!


Female friendships are vital to any woman as women are immediately born to a disadvantage in this world so building and maintaining strong, female friendships or relationships is crucial. Women look to women more than men for gratification or acceptance. Therefore, it is  ironic that women are woman’s biggest critic.

For me, female friendship is something that is comfortable, easy. There is no competition in a world that is so hooked on making us compete against each other. Therefore, is an element of trust needed with female friendship and an understanding of emotions which makes them truly precious.


My best friend knows me through and through. She builds me up when I feel low. We eat together, laugh together, cry together and nap together. We get mad at the same things and the same people. We literally do finish each other’s sentences. She’s my soul mate and favourite person. Sorry future husband, you won’t be my first love, lol.

Happy Galentine’s Day to every single being who identifies as a woman.

This day is for us, for our gals and for us to tell each other how great we are! 

I am strong, mighty and where I am now because of the strong and mighty women in my life. Here’s to all of us. 

Now go and tell all your friends how much you love them!




2 thoughts on “GALENTINE’S DAY: Female Friendships

  1. Beautiful post and lovely tribute to your friends. I completely agree – a girl friend can carry you through anything and that bond can be real magic. Thank you for sharing this. Happy Galentine’s day!!


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