In a Nutshell: January ‘18

It’s finally February! I’m going to have to agree with every single person on Twitter and say that January felt like it was 700 days long. I didn’t have a bad month. In fact, I had a really good month. But it lasted about 4 years.

Did I do Dry January? No I didn’t. As you will see from some of the things I got up to. I applaud everyone who did it. I do not have that strength. I actually got a hangover from 3 beers the other week. How pathetic. New year, same me.

What I got up to:

– Of course, the greatest part of my month was seeing Paramore at Manchester Arena with my best friend. We danced, sang and had a fabulous evening. It threw us way back to our 15-year-old-selves and now we cannot stop listening to Fall Our Boy and Thirty Seconds To Mars. I mean, we’re completely okay with this.

– As an early birthday treat, I had a hand and arm massage at Jo Malone in Cheadle. I went for a combination of Peony and Blush Suede and Velvet Rose and Oud. I smelt like an absolute dream. I was also gifted a 30ml of Basil and Neroli which is the perfect scent to take over into spring (can it be spring now tho pls).

– I accidentally ordered a party bus at 1pm on a Saturday. Luckily enough for me and my mate, we were already half cut. But that was entertaining.

– I booked a holiday to Lisbon! I’ve never been to Portugal before but my parents rave about it. Any suggestions for two tiny little vegans who love cider are welcome.

– I bought tickets to see Thirty Seconds To Mars post Paramore gig. Best £40 I’ve ever spent.

– I made an entire vegan feast which included bbq pulled jackfruit and Nando’s spiced potatoes. Wife me up x

What I wrote:

This month, as well as writing on here, I also guest blogged for Young Minds. If you didn’t know, Young Minds are a mental health charity for children. I wrote a piece on my experience with selective mutism – an issue I rarely speak about (pardon the pun) but felt it was time for more awareness to be spread about it. You can read that here. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go more in depth about this topic in the future but I’m very happy with this for now.

Life and ponderings:

Although I agree that January felt like the longest month in history, I have to admit it’s been a very good one. I made a conscious decision to let myself enjoy things more. I’ve been having more fun and I’m probably the most content and happy I’ve been in a long while (S/O to my bffl for contributing to this – you’re a keeper). I’ve been doing gentle exercise, reading and taking everything slowly so I can both: be a little easier on myself, and also to recognise when I’m happy. If I’m moving too fast, I stress out. But taking time out for myself and noticing when I need to chill has been an enormous help. That and vegan cheese toasties. I’ve had about 400 of those in the past 4 and a half weeks.

So that’s been my month. I hope February is just as fabulous ✨

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