Bonjour 2018 – Let’s av ya

Hey kids and welcome to a brand spanking new year. 2018! Not gonna lie, I thought we would have flying cars and a cure for acne by now, but here we are. One step at a time.

2017 was a ride. I had some of my best and worst moments of my life. I didn’t want to write a whole post reflecting because it’s the past and all that cliche jazz. Also, I’ve written about travels and they were my favourite times. So there’s that. See ya later, 2017. I’m done talking about you.

As for this year, I’m going for no pressure or resolutions. I have mixed emotions about the term ‘resolutions’ because it makes it seem as though there was a problem to begin with. I liked the person I was last year and I want to be that same one this year. So, I’ve been thinking more along the ‘goals’ side of things. Nothing too extravagant. I’m not saying I will go to the gym three times a day, only eat vegetables and drink sixteen litres of water a day. Probably won’t happen. I just want to be happy and healthy – IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

But alas, here are some things I’m gonna work on this year:

  • Read more: I love getting into a good book but lately I’ve been slacking and just watching Netflix or sleeping. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that but reading is what? Fun-da-ment-al (if u know u know honey).
  • Meditate: Even if this is just for one minute of the day. I love using the controlled breathing feature on the Calm app. It kind of breathes with you and makes you take deeper breaths. Which, for any of my anxiety chickas, is very handy indeed.
  • Stop Ubering everywhere: Literally, like you’re not a princess. Get the goddamn bus and stop wasting money.
  • Be kinder to myself: This one is probably the hardest but the most important. It’s very easy to be so completely in your own head and blame yourself for everything. I want to practice forgiveness towards my own heart and mind, and stop being so hard on myself. I want to stop telling myself I can’t do things and that I’m not good enough. I’m bloody great, actually.

I would be lying if I’d said I wasn’t dreading a new year. The whole movement of time and change was very overwhelming and I didn’t even celebrate on New Year’s Eve. But today, all of a sudden, I dragged myself out of bed and gave my bedroom a good ‘ole New Year’s Day sort out. Clearing out old clothes, tidying under the bed and destroying pictures of people you’re glad to leave in the past was very therapeutic.

One day at a time. We’re not going to be bursting with joy every single day of the year, but we definitely don’t have to be down every single day of the year either. In 2018, I’m just going to try and find at least one good thing in each day.

Here’s to 2018 and being content.

Love always,

Beth xo

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