In a nutshell: October

It’s November – Merry Christmas everyone!

October has been such a fun month and it’s proper got me in the mood for festivities. Just put a Santa hat on me and starting playing Mariah already.

I’ve been a busy little bee and I’ve absolutely loved it. I was always under the impression that I’m my best self when I’m in bed, watching Modern Family, with crisps. Apparently not. I mean, I’m absolutely knackered and feel like I could sleep for a five days straight but you can’t have everything can you. I’m 24 in a few months, it’s probably old age.

As I’m welcoming in a new month with open arms, here are a few things about October which have been fabulous.

Where I’ve been… 

Without reiterating a past blogpost, you can read here about my trip to New York here.  In short, it was incredible and I want to live there even more now.

I went back to Manchester Arena for the first time after the attack back in May. My best friend had bought tickets to Little Mix for us last Christmas so it had been planned for a long while. It was nerve wrecking, at first, which I kind of expected. We were overwhelmed and panicked but after we calmed ourselves down with a cider, we had a lovely evening. Little Mix were the sassiest gals ever and put on an amazing show and we left feeling on top of the world and so proud of ourselves. You can read about what I had to say about Manchester here.

It was Halloween! I never usually go to town (in both senses of the word) for the occasion but this year, my best mate and I had a right laugh. We did leave our costume until the very last minute so it was quite makeshift. We recycled our maid outfits from the Rocky Horror Show last year and did mermaid make-up. MER…MAIDS. I know. Amazing.

What I’ve listened to…

What I’ve watched… 

I was very glad for the return of Riverdale and season two went off with a bang. It’s even more dramatic and intense, this time round, and I’m loving it. Personal fave characters are Cheryl because she’s so sassy, and Jughead because I fancy him.

I loved the Louis Theroux documentary on anorexia. Firstly, I’m thrilled that he’s back. But this was so raw and honest – I feel it really gave a true insight to such a heartbreaking illness. I’ve never quite seen Louis in this way either. He looked on the verge of tears many times throughout.

We saw the end of GBBO! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself without Noel on my screen each week. I genuinely loved Bake Off this year. Like most, I was sceptical of the changes but it was great. Even though Liam left too soon. A national treasure tbh.

What I’ve used… 

Whilst in New York, I went into Bath and Body Works. Mainly because we don’t have one in the UK and I was just curious to what it was like. All I’d heard was it has novelty scented candles and room sprays and I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about. While the candles were lovely, although a little sweet for my liking, I did buy a pillow mist. The scent is Vanilla and Patchouli and smells delicious and calming as you’re drifting off to sleep. 

Again, in New York, I did an obligatory trip to Sephora and jumped on the Fenty bandwagon. Oh me oh my, that collection is beautiful. Not that I needed another because I have too many already, I purchased the highlighter duo in Lightning Dust and Fire Crystal. Let me tell you now, my face has never looked so magical. I feel like a queen. It stays put and glistens for hours on end. Rihanna – you’re an angel and on behalf of every persons cheekbones in the whole world – thank you.

So that was October. It’s been a cracker of a month and I’m most looking forward to November.

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