Travel Diaries: New York

📍Location: New York, USA

First of all, let me say this: New York is the greatest place on earth (after Manchester, of course).

On Thursday 12th October, my parents, best friend and I visited the city for a short break. It was my second time New York – I went back in 2015 for my 21st birthday and was in the middle of a freak snowstorm. This time round was different. I saw more and explored different areas of the city. Greenwich Village and Dumbo were personal faves and so close, yet so different to the Times Square vibe I remembered.

If I were to list all the things I love about New York, I would be here for hours and this post would be far too long. So, here are a few ultimate favourites.

The High Line

I didn’t walk the High Line last time because, like I said, the weather was complete madness. To overcome some jet lag, Mag and I put some lippy and a snazzy outfit on and went for a nighttime walk. We strolled for a while and then came across a bar, so naturally stopped for a glass of prosecco. The views were really cool but the best (and creepiest) part was seeing the apartments around the area. The type that you see in movies and TV shows – modern and far too expensive.

If you weren’t aware already, the High Line was a railway track that is now a linear park/walkway situation. It’s filled with greenery, wild plants, decked areas for sitting and thinking about life and places to eat and drink.


Ah, the first food place we came across. After a good Google and research, we discovered that this restaurant chain was pretty respected in the vegan community and now I know why. The menu is packed with burgers, salads, pastas and sweets, but we came for the breakfast. Three times. Let me start with the pancakes: classic American style, thick and fluffy pancakes with a whipped maple butter and syrup all over. Insane. Also, I can’t not mention the quinoa hash browns. The greatest hash browns I’ve ever eaten which were smothered in vegan sour cream and paprika. I’m genuinely livid that I can’t have these again until I next visit.


We sat by the waterfront, which is like a teenie tiny little pebble beach, and I could have stayed there all day looking at the view of Manhattan. Dumbo is an area in Brooklyn, not far from the Brooklyn bridge and has nice bars and very cool people. I did not fit in but I really tried.

Greenwich Village

After what felt like the longest walk in history from Times Square, we got to Greenwich Village on the Saturday morning. Greenwich is a quaint area and much greener than I expected. There are more trees on the streets and little courtyard areas where you can sit and eat cakes from the famous bakeries. Also, excellent for shopping if you don’t feel like getting pushed and shoved on 5th Avenue.

Screamers Pizzeria 

We may, or may not, have journeyed all the way to Williamsburg just for vegan pizza. But it was so worth it. Screamers is a tiny little shop that will fulfil all of your pizza dreams and needs. The first time I was in New York, I wasn’t vegan so I had a normal slice of pizza and, no word of a lie, this tasted exactly the same. The ‘cheese’, the spicy ‘pepperoni’ – ugh. I would walk back to Williamsburg for that pizza. 10/10.

Monarch Rooftop Lounge 

If there is ever a place that makes you feel really uncool, it’s this one. With the Empire State building taking over the view of the city, this bar is really impressive. It had an outside bar and an inside one (from what I remember – their measurements were pretty generous) and had swanky sofas outside overlooking the city. The music was loud, the cocktails were strong and the air was different. We managed to get very incredibly giddy off two drinks so either they were really strong or we are really cheap dates. Probably the latter.

New York, I adore you. I will be back.

XO XO, Gossip Girl  Beth 

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