Travel Diaries: Split

📍Location: Split, Croatia 

Back in September, three very fabulous friends and I journeyed to Croatia. I can’t quite remember the reason behind why we chose to go here – it may have been a ‘where have we all never been before?’ situation. But alas, we went and it was quite possibly the most hysterical week of my entire life. I’ve never laughed so much ever. On the whole, it was quite a relaxing trip. I spent most of my time lying on a beach, eating food and drinking cocktails. Time well spent, in my opinion. Moreover, I don’t want to bore anyone with a day-to-day commentary of everything that happened (mainly because I’m the laziest person ever and do the bare minimum everyday). Here are my top places to visit…

The Walls

The first thing you’ll come across when you hit the centre of Split are the walls. Because it’s quite literally impossible to miss them. With heavy Italian vibes, which I commented on every day, the walls are right by the promenade and the docks. It has loads of shops, bars and restaurants hidden down each alley which all lead to a square in the middle. This homes, surprisingly, even more bars and restaurants. My dream, really. The streets are cobbled-ish. I say this because they look cobbled yet they are so smooth and are so so slippy. I saw quite a few tourists hobbling with broken limbs and therefore clung on to my mates as if my life depended on it. Nevertheless, the aesthetics were divine, so what can ya do?

Vege Fast Food

The place we ate the most! So much so, the staff would say “see you tomorrow!” after we’d eaten. It’s in an outdoor-market-stall-kinda-situation and is technically fast food but it didn’t seem overly unhealthy. It was all vegan (which made my life v easy) and had loads of rice dishes, wraps, sandwiches with veg and an array of heavenly condiments. It was just easy, tasty food and very very cheap. I loved it.

Diocletian’s Palace / Underground Market

I don’t think these places have much in common bar their location (I could be being completely ignorant and stupid here – correct me if I’m wrong). But basically, we just did a flying visit to these as we were passing time. They are, however, stunning. Diocletian’s Palace was built way back when at the turn of the fourth century AD for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Prob where the name came from, I reck. Lol. You can go inside and roam (see what I did there lmao) the grounds. Then, right next to it (and slightly underneath) is an underground market. I won’t lie to ya, it’s the same kinda thing on each stall: classic tourist bits and bobs. Fun fact: apparently there is a pretty decent lavender field in Hvar, which is an island near Split, so there are loads of cute lavender gifts on every stall. It smelt heavenly. 

Marta’s Veggie Fusion

Ah, another food place. This was a breakfast dream. We came here twice for breakfast, once for tea and once for a midday snack of hummus and herby potatoes. The decor is really rustic and the food is all made from scratch right in front of you. If you sit at the bar area, you can literally lean over oil the pans for them. I had a homemade bean burger with tomato relish and also tried the hummus and mushroom breakfast sandwich. They also had delicious smoothies and teas and weird beers that I’d never heard of. A very cool little find located in the walls.

Kasjuni Beach 

So, we walk to the prom and face the water. Turn right and walk straight for about 45 minutes. Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘Wow! Beth! You walked for 45 minutes?’ But lemme tell you, it was worth it. This beach kinda feels hidden. I mean, we almost walked into some science school in our bikini tops before an old security guard stopped us. The beach is beautiful. The view is of the sea and a cliffside which you can enjoy while lying on a sunbed or sun-bloody-four-poster-bed and drinking a cocktail. It did get rather busy (naturally) so it was a good job we headed down early. The sea was sparkling and clear, and I even went in for a little paddle. Hold the front page, kids.

Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar

Oh me, oh my. This bar was our absolute favourite. Luckily, we found it on our very first night in Split and went there every single evening. It is exactly as dreamy as the name. Surrounded by books, old fashioned decor, jazz music and all the whisky in the world. There’s also an adorable outdoor area that looked like something out of Aladin. Also, at the very back of the bar, there’s a private narrow room which the cute bar man reserved for us (because he deffo knew we would be back). It’s everything Gatsby and velvet and we felt like queens. By far, the best bar in Split (and we sampled quite a few).

So, if ya ever in Split, I do recommend those cheeky little spots. I would absolutely go back to Croatia just for these places. And FYI, we stayed in The Diocletian Collection apartments which was a really good location. Less than a five minute walk to the walls. The apartment itself was snug for four girls who all overpacked, but we made it work. However, we did have problems with our key to the main front door. Long story short, we absolutely blamed the neighbours for 90% of the trip until we discovered we are just proper stupid and couldn’t work the lock. Lol sorry.

Overall, it was an absolute pleasure. Split was glorious and the company was even better.

Next stop ✈️ NYC


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