Travel Diaries: Copenhagen and Paris

Last Monday, Mag and I embarked on a little adventure. We began our day by waking up at 4am (much to my dismay – I do not do well before 8am) and headed to the airport, got a Starbucks and jumped on a flight to Copenhagen. While I failed at napping and because Mag can sleep on a washing line in the middle of a hurricane, I sat and listened to Beyonce and pretended I was in a music video. We’ve all done it.

Copenhagen airport is slightly confusing. We didn’t know how to get out, but after wandering around like confused puppies for a good half hour, we made it to the train and got to our little district. We were in the absolute right area, however, of course, it took us a while to find out AirBnb. Was it far out or difficult to locate? Absolutely not, but we are slightly useless.


We were greeted by our AirBnb host, Kirsten, who showed us around the apartment and gave us information of how to get around the city. She bought us a fresh loaf of bread which was adorable, and also milk and butter which we thanked her for and didn’t have the heart to tell her we were vegan and couldn’t eat it. The bread was good though.

First port of call when you arrive on your jollydays? Alcohol. We explored our neighbourhood and found a place that did shoestring fries (they are as weird as they sound) and daiquiris. It was perfect. The sun was out, we had a cocktail and we were watching the world go by. We were enjoying ourselves so much, we felt necessary to carry on drinking. Long story short, we were slightly tipsy by around 5pm. This lead to the following conversation:

“On a scale of sober to pissed, how drunk are you right now?” “Definitely couldn’t operate heavy machinery.” 

So the night ended with cheeseless pizza. Very successful day tbh.

Okay, so we wake up around half 8 (I know, impressive after a whiskey and rum the day before), had avocado and tomatoes on toast with some orange juice because #health #vegan #holidaygoals.

What did we Google that morning? ‘Where are the coloured buildings in Copenhagen?‘ Yeah it sounds stupid but we owe a lot to Google on our trip. We got a bus to the main part of the city and it was beautiful. Even more so than the pictures you see on Pinterest. The boats, the cobbled street, the coloured buildings, the easy conversations between careless groups of friends, eating good food and drinking beers in the sun, a happy gent playing the accordion outside the restaurants. It was idyllic. The weather was perfect and it was like something out of a movie. I wanna live there so much.


If you research things to do in Copenhagen, you’ll probably come across the Rundetaarn, also known as The Round Tower. It is a 17th century tower and the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. It’s also hella cool. It’s a giant round slope, I mean, Mag and I are giant kids at heart so we had bundles of fun. The view at the top is also great.


The next day, we had high hopes of doing lots of exploring and being proper tourists. However, hunger got the better of us and we spent the majority of the day eating and planning where to eat. I literally typed ‘vegan food’ into Google Maps and it took us to a place called Hafnia Bar.

This place had the coolest interior and even better food. Being us, we had been craving falafel all day so had a falafel, hummus and salad sandwich situation. It was so good and so filling, however, it didn’t stop us from trying the raw lemon cheesecake. I’m still thinking about the taste. Oh me, oh my.


Next, we were on the hunt for a vegan bakery we had heard of. And it didn’t disappoint at all. Vegan pastries? Thank you very much. We bought croissants, chocolate crossiants and cinnamon swirls. Heaven, tbh.


Here are words you thought you’d never hear me say: that evening we went to a theme park. Yes, that’s right. We went to Tivoli. It was magical. It’s not very big, and there aren’t loads of rides, but it’s fun nonetheless. We went on a few faster rides and then settled for kids ones and the big wheel. Lol at us.


The 5th of May rolled around and it was time for Paris. We got a two metros, a plane, a train and another metro and we arrived at our AirBnb. Again, we were greeted at the door by our host, Pascal, who showed us around and showed us how to work everything, Of course, we were hungry because this is us, after we showered, we went out for food and a few drinks. We went to a little Italian restaurant where we discovered our love for olive tapenade.

The next day, we woke up early and feeling fresh and headed straight out (to find food obviously). We went to Palais De Tokyo and played in their photo booth. You can also pay to view the modern and contemporary art, but the weather was too nice to stay indoors all day.


We strolled around in the sun a bit more, had a look around the nice shops (aka spent some money on pretty things) and then went to the Notre Dame. Again, it was far too sunny to go inside so we admired it from the outside. On our way, we looked over Le Seine and gave the clear blue skies our best heart eyes. Paris is such a beautiful city. Especially in the sun.


A few minute walk from the Notre Dame is my favourite little shop of all time: Shakespeare and Company Bookshop. It is real oldy worldy little shop with brand new books, old books, French literature, children’s classics, poetry and this time I went, they had opened up a shop next door which sold first and rare editions. There was a first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird for 700€. How crazy is that?


After spending quite a while gazing and buying books, it was time for, surprise surprise, a few drinks. We were on our holidays! We didn’t Google anywhere to go, we just wandered down some side streets, stumbled across cute buildings and found some bars that way – aka the best way to do it.


We went back the Avenue des Champs Elysées and had more cheeseless pizza because that’s kinda all we eat. It was the perfect Friday, tbh.

The next day, the weather was beautiful again so we decided to go straight the the Eiffel Tower. We danced in front of it, saw a cute little dog causing a lot of trouble to it’s owner and took pictures. Typical tourists.

Me laughing at myself??

The clouds got the better of us when we visited the Louvre but it didn’t take the beauty away from it. It’s such an impressive building. I’m not really one for historic art, but the architecture is stunning.


Where did we go after this? Of course. Back the the Avenue des Champs Elysées and had more food. More shopping. More drinking. Lots of drinking. To be fair, we were waiting for it to go dark so we could see the Eiffel Tower sparkle.


And so we drank until it sparkled. It was the perfect ending to the perfect week with perfect food, perfect adventures, perfect weather and perfect company. Copenhagen and Paris, we’ll be back xoxo

IMG_1578 IMG_2291

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